Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Two Cellphones

I have two cellphones: One old pay-per-minute cellphone, and a brand-spankin-new one with all the bells and whistles from a major wireless service. I don't want to mention their name here, so let's call them "Horizon."

My lovely, patient wife made me get a "real" cellphone right after she made me get a desk job. I still have the old phone hidden in my car.

My new cellphone costs me a base rate of $60 per month. It also offers pictures and email, but only if I fork out another $40 for internet access and then more to use it. It charges me extra if I drive 100 miles from home. I spend $115 per month on this service after all the little fees and taxes etc. that they add on.

My pay-per-minute cellphone offers me free text messaging and photos and email for $20 bucks per month. I spend about one hour per month on the phone, at 10 cents per minute wherever I am and wherever in the U.S. I'm calling. This works out to about $23 per month.

- $23
= $92 dollars per month that I pay extra to have a "real" cellphone. Thanks, Horizon.

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  1. Cheer up. This way you can re-enact that old scene from "Failsafe" where the phone of the American ambassador stationed in Leningrad is melted by a nuclear blast while he's still on the line to the President.