Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Verizon is Evil

Aaargh. I have mentioned the trouble I have had with Verizon in the past:
They screwed up my original account, giving me wonderful access in CANADA but charging me overseas  prices in the U.S.
They "forgot" to tell me that they would charge me an extra $40 a month for internet access on my phone that I didn't ask for.
When I got that fixed, they wouldn't let me send photos from my phone.
They charged me 5 times as much as my pay-per-use phone, for far worse service.

So a few months ago I called Verizon and cancelled my account... or so I thought.

They keep sending me bills that show they are still charging me for service, even though I canceled it months ago. They have an computer that calls my other phone several times a day. I have tried to get them to stop calling, but they ignore any requests to stop.

I'm taking legal action next. There are several groups on the internet who are forming class action suits against this horrible company.

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