Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Public Opinion: Here are your Choices

Here are the two opinions you are allowed to have on the healthcare reform issue:

a) Government-controlled health insurance is good. People need it.
b) Government-controlled health insurance is bad. It's socialism. It's not capitalistic.

Here is an opinion that is apparently not allowed, even on NPR:

Health insurance is part of the problem.
Health insurance is not capitalistic at all. Medicine cannot work on capitalistic principles because the consumers cannot freely choose not to buy. Health insurance means that the patient is not the consumer.
Pharmaceutical companies can freely charge 3,000% markups on their products, and it doesn't even matter if the products work.

This opinion is not on your list of options. Here are your options again:

a) The government should tax you more and give the money to the health insurance/prharmaceutical companies.

b) If you cannot afford to give money to these companies, you should die.

Death lists! Boogy Boogy! Socialism! Lining up for days to buy single-ply toilet paper!

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