Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Last Year I Went Crazy

So I'm looking back on the last year, and I have decided that I went crazy.
A year ago, I hand no debt, no bank accounts, a completely blank credit history, one $200 bill per month, and a few thousand dollars saved up. I was fulfilled and happy in my life.
Since then, I have developed a need for three (3) bank accounts, a car payment, and six different bills each month. In other words, I will require $700 a month for the foreseeable future just to keep up.
To top it off, I got a corporate job. I was wildly successful in my work, and so I was fired. I never got my last paycheck. Now I am $16,000 in debt. I'm miserable and stuck in a crappy town that I can't afford to leave.
I broke almost every rule I have for success:
  1. Never work for someone else
  2. Never become middle class
  3. Never buy something if you cannot afford it
  4. Never rely on a corporation for anything
So as far as I'm concerned, I went crazy.
But do you want to know the really crazy part?
Most people do this stuff all the time!

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